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Wahl's Super Pocket Pro is a battery-operated trimmer can be completely concealed in the palm of your hand for quick touch-ups on anxious animals. This small, lightweight trimmer is the perfect size to store in a pocket when going stall to stall or trimming up your pup at home. If you need to trim your dog's ears, face, or paws, or your horse's ears, face, and muzzle, this little trimmer can do the job nice and quickly. Kit contents include a #40 blade and a #40T blade for close-to-skin hair removal and a 6-position guide comb for longer cutting lengths if you want to leave a little more hair behind.

  • Quiet and easy to conceal in the palm of your hand
  • Ideal for trimming pet ears, faces, and paws
  • BONUS: #40T Trimmer Blade and 6 Position Length Guide
  • Comes with 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 1 Year Limited Warranty


• #40 Blade Cuts to 1/32" (0.6mm) Cutting Length

• Compact Size is Perfect for On-the-Go Trimming

• Ideal for Noise Sensitive Animals


Did we mention oil? Use our 5-Point Oiling Method for long lasting, quality cutting on your favorite Wahl clipper blades. A few drops across the top on each side of the blade will go a long way!


Since 1919, Wahl Clipper has been manufacturing quality haircutting products for professionals and at-home users alike. We are proud of our heritage and our standard of integrity, value, and quality.

More Information
Blade TypeTrimmer
Power TypeBattery
Speed settings1
Directions of Use Before you start clipping or trimming, you will want to bathe and brush your pet’s coat. Clipping a dirty, tangled coat is not only uncomfortable for your pet, but it will also dull your blades quicker. If your pet is new to grooming, we also recommend introducing them to your clipper or trimmer before you start grooming. Turn your clipper on and let your pet check them out. This allows your pet to get used to the sound and vibrations before you begin using them. Please also review the instruction manual that accompanies this product for use instructions and safety guidelines.
Warranty1 Year
Catalog Sheet Ideal For

Trimming pet ears, faces, and paws. Trimming cat hair.

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