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The Wahl KM10 is a heavy duty 2-speed professional clipper designed for tackling the toughest animal coats with ease.
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The awesome thing about the KM10 professional clipper is that it can clip through just about anything. Thick coated doodle coats - we got you. With the power of a brushless motor (and all the other benefits such as runs cooler and lasts a really long time), the KM10 is a heavy duty clipper trusted by professional groomers around the world. It is also incredibly quiet so if you have a skittish or noise-sensitive pet at home, this would be a great option. The KM10 is also a great option for body clipping your equine friends as well and makes quick work of maintenance clipping such as bridle paths and fetlocks. One of the best things about the KM10 is how easy it is to get the exact cut length you want. Your KM10 will come equipped with a #10 blade (which has a cutting length of 1/16") but Wahl offers a variety of other sizes if you want to go shorter or longer! Great for breeds such as Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Golden Doodles, Great Pyreneeses, Labradoodles, Poodles, Pekingeses, Pomeranians, and other thick pet fur. This will also have no issues clipping smaller breeds such as Bichons, Shih Tzus, Malteses, Yorkies, and more. The KM10 comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Constant Speed Control automatically delivers more power and torque in tough areas
  • Lightweight at 12.3 oz. to reduce wrist fatigue..
  • Two powerful speeds: 3,000 & 3,700 SPM
  • Rounded front housing to prevent hair clogging
  • Backed by a 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


• Ideal for Noise Sensitive Animals

• Automatically Adjusts Speed to Prevent Stalling & Jams

• Balanced & Low Vibration to Prevent Wrist Fatigue

• Hanging Loop for Space-Saving Storage


Wahl® detachable blades come in 2 varieties - Competition and Ultimate Competition. Several different sizes (#3F-#50) give you the flexibility to choose the cut length you need.


Try our stainless steel guide combs! Wahl® offers 8 different sizes that range from 1/8" (81mm) to 1" (25mm), giving more flexibility in your clipping and more fur to work with.


Did we mention oil? Use our 5-Point Oiling Method for long lasting, quality cutting on your favorite Wahl clipper blades. A few drops across the top on each side of the blade will go a long way!


Since 1919, Wahl Clipper has been manufacturing quality haircutting products for professionals and at-home users alike. We are proud of our heritage and our standard of integrity, value, and quality.

More Information
Animal TypeCat, Dog, Hog, Horse
Blade TypeDetachable
Power TypeCorded
Speed settings2
VoltageWorldwide (100-240)
Directions of UseBefore you start clipping or trimming, you will want to bathe and brush your pet’s coat. Clipping a dirty, tangled coat is not only uncomfortable for your pet, but it will also dull your blades quicker. If your pet is new to grooming, we also recommend introducing them to your clipper or trimmer before you start grooming. Turn your clipper on and let your pet check them out. This allows your pet to get used to the sound and vibrations before you begin using them. Please also review the instruction manual that accompanies this product for use instructions and safety guidelines..
Catalog Sheet Ideal For

All animal coats including dogs, cats, horses, and large animals. Thick coats, matted coats, coarse coats. Complete shave downs. Full body clipping. Show cuts.