Blade & Clipper Maintenance Kit

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This full service maintenance kit will help you extend the life of your blades, keeping them clean and well oiled.
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Extend the life of your blades and keep them clean with this all-in-one maintenance kit that includes 1 bottle of Blade Oil, 1 bottle of Clini-Clip, a cleaning brush, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying case for easy storage. Wahl’s Clini-Clip™ is a 2-minute hospital-grade non-porous surface disinfectant. It was created to provide the best and quickest acting disinfectant solution to effectively kill and remove bacteria, viruses and fungi. Certified by the EPA, Clini-Clip can not only be used to clean all Wahl tools, but also the surrounding workstation. In addition to keeping your pets and animals protected, Clini-Clip blade disinfectant spray can help reduce friction and heat caused by under lubricated blades, as well as, reduce the likelihood of your blades becoming dull from lack of proper blade care. For best results, spray Clini-Clip onto your blades, let spray sit for 2 minutes, wipe off any excess disinfectant lubricant and follow with Wahl Blade Oil. Blade Oil is used to keep blades lubricated, which helps them run cool and stay sharper for longer. We recommend oiling your blades after each use to help them last longer and keep performing their best. To keep your blades performing their best, we recommend you oil your blades after each use. Place 3 drops of oil along the top of the blade's teeth at the left corner, right corner, and center of the blade. Turn the clipper to its side and place 1 drop of oil at the heel of the top blade. Repeat with 1 drop of oil on the other side. Turn the clipper on and let it run for a few seconds to allow the oil to work its way into the blade set. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining excess oil


• Blade Oil Reduces Friction and Heat Caused by Unlubricated Blades

• Clini-Clip® Kills Bacteria Within 3 Minutes of Contact

Includes Cleaning Brush and Towel


Since 1919, Wahl Clipper has been manufacturing quality haircutting products for professionals and at-home users alike. We are proud of our heritage and our standard of integrity, value, and quality.

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