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Give your pet the finishing touch with the Wahl Stylique Slim Pencil Shape Dog & Cat Trimmer. The lightweight design with a pencil shape makes it easy to hold, so it’s perfect for the pads, face, whiskers and other small detail areas. It’s easy to use so that even the most novice groomer can achieve professional results, with an extremely manageable 3/8-inch blade (#40). It comes with a blade guard and one AA battery to get you started, plus instructions so you know exactly how to operate.

  • Lightweight, pencil shape is ultra-easy to use so it’s great for even novice groomers.
  • Great for pads, faces, whiskers and other small detail areas.
More Information
Blade TypeTrimmer
Power TypeBattery
Speed settings1
Directions of UseBefore you start clipping or trimming, you will want to bathe and brush your pet’s coat. Clipping a dirty, tangled coat is not only uncomfortable for your pet, but it will also dull your blades quicker. If your pet is new to grooming, we also recommend introducing them to your clipper or trimmer before you start grooming. Turn your clipper on and let your pet check them out. This allows your pet to get used to the sound and vibrations before you begin using them. Please also review the instruction manual that accompanies this product for use instructions and safety guidelines.
Warranty1 Year