Wahl Professional Announces Addition of Byrd Mena As A Creative Consultant

Wahl Professional has recently added Byrd Mena (@byrdmena) to its team as the company’s creative consultant. The online brand promoter will work with the company to implement a number of new initiatives that are focused on bringing high-quality education to barbers and stylists.

Mena is no stranger to the professional hair industry, as he began his career as a licensed barber and cosmetologist. He cut hair in his home state of Connecticut, before changing his vision to helping barbers and stylists develop their brands, creating and promoting their online presence, and bringing the barber and stylists communities together around a shared passion for all things hair and professional education.

Byrd’s desire to try new things, his social media promotional knowledge, and his experience in hosting hair shows all over the world are just a few of the reasons that Lisa Finucane, Wahl Professional’s US Director of Education, knew she wanted him on the Wahl team.

“Byrd really is a rock star. He’s incredibly creative and forward thinking. He understands the importance of quality education and he respects the legacy of the Wahl Clipper. With his help, we are on the right trajectory to keep the Wahl tradition alive while moving
the brand forward in leaps and bounds,” said Finucane.

Mena’s first project with Wahl Professional has been to bring the company’s Disruptour to fruition. The tour kicked off its first dates earlier this year with the goal of bringing barbers and stylists
quality clipper education, as well as teaching them how to build their own brands and businesses. While traveling is on hold, the group is providing online education on their personal social media accounts. To stay connected and see when the educators are going live on their social media accounts click here for announcements.

“It means so much to me to be a part of the Wahl brand and its legacy that has been around for 101years. I want to continue to  make high-quality education a priority in everything the company does, and through that bring communities together from all over the world. I’m very excited to travel the world teaching and hosting with the Wahl name by my side,” said Mena.

Along with Disruptour, Byrd has been instrumental in helping Wahl partner with Idle HandCollective (@idlehandcollective). This  collaboration will see Wahl Professional as the official clipper
company and host of pop-up barbershops at music festivals throughout the country including such famous festivals as Coachella.

Mena will also be closely involved with Wahl Professional’s online Barber Battle 4, which is scheduled to be open for submissions in July. Mena was one of the first people within the industry to host an online barber battle and will bring notable expertise to this year’s competition.

Mena is no stranger to bringing individuals and groups together in an effort to learn and grow from one another. In 2015 he founded his online brand, SharpFade (@sharpfade). The concept came
from the idea of the physical barber battle, but Mena saw that people were struggling to actually take part in them. Mena took the battle online and opened it to everyone throughout the country to
participate. Before long, his online barber battle had become a success and he was able to expand his horizons and hold multiple battles at once.

Mena is always about giving back to his community, and has been showcasing the top five barbers a month from the battles on SharpFade’s social media as well as creating SharpFade Freshman
Class to help top up-and-coming barbers become inspired and motivated to make names for themselves.

“When I first had the idea of SharpFade, I received such negative feedback, but I didn’t listen. I invested my time and money into this brand to really make it something,” noted Byrd. “Partnering with
Wahl Professional is a continuation of my goals of bringing the barber and stylist communities together.”

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