The Wahl Future Maker Experience---Gio Uktolseja

 “ The shoot was very special and had a big meaning to me. Because my dad just past away two weeks before the shoot. So it really was a dedication from me to him that week. I was really glad to be there with the whole team, because I didn’t knew if I would make it , with my dad being sick at the time. There where just some moments where the vibe was so high and special and intimate in some way, really was a special week for me.

These projects really give a big kick for me personally, working with such talented people, is really uplifting. It’s just so great to help each other and learn from each other in a week like that. And these project are really good for Wahl too, because everybody see how close we work together in the Wahl Family. Because the Pompadour is a very classic cut , I wanted to create a look which was both modern and also classic. And my model was absolutely perfect for that. Which made the look very classic but also very beach like. The quote that I always say is: A good haircut is not always a good fade, and a good fade is not always a good haircut . That’s kind of what you see in the look I created, it’s not all about the fade, but about the whole look. An everyday and diverse look, for every men out there. “ 

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