Introducing the Cordless Legend Clipper

How could we improve on the ultimate fading clipper?  We made it cordless.  The new Cordless Legend Clipper uses deeper, longer teeth to perfectly feed thick and textured hair for smoother bulk hair removal than any other clipper.  That’s the power of our state-of-the-art Wedge BladeTM.  The Cordless Legend Clipper also features an upgraded metal wide-range adjustment lever, offering a cutting range of 0.7mm to 1.7mm.  With Crunch Blade Technology, you’ll know when the blend is perfect by the crisp “crunch” sound you’ll hear. 

Combine our cutting-edge blades with the new cord/cordless power source and you won’t ever have to stop making your customers look amazing.  Using a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Cordless Legend Clipper boasts an impressive run time of 100 + minutes.  The clipper itself weighs only eight ounces, minimizing the fatigue you’ll feel when making your art.  With a 100-minute cutting time while cordless and the capability to charge and cut at the same time while corded, the Cordless Legend Clipper never quits.  When it’s time to put it up, the Cordless Legend rests perfectly in your Wahl Cordless Charge Stand, sold separately. 

The sweet cherry on top is our high-performance rotary motor, not only minimizing heat buildup and misalignment, but still offering high continuous power.  Wet or dry, coarse or thin hair, the Cordless Legend Clipper cuts it all without slowing down.   Coming with eight patented premium cutting guides with metal clips included, you’ll be able to truly use the Cordless Legend Clipper to its full capability.  Grab yours today and try it out for yourself!

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