Another Legendary Tool in the Making: Wahl Professional Launches the Cordless Legend Clippers

Raising the bar in the ongoing cordless revolution, Wahl Professional is thrilled to announce the release of their latest tool: the Cordless Legend.

The Cordless Legend improves upon the performance of the corded version of the industry favorite while enabling increased mobility and multitasking. This new clipper features the longest battery life yet with more than 100 minutes of runtime, plus premium cutting guides complete with spring clips for extra security and stability.

“We’re answering an industry need with this,” says International Wahl Educator John Carlo Ramos (

Interested barbers and stylists can purchase online for $149.

This latest innovation works corded as well. But the biggest differentiator is the extended taper lever for longer blend range and a deep-tooth wedge blade to create a smooth blunt cut.

“I love this tool,” says Ramos. “This has a metal lever that opens further so you can fade quicker without the need for so many guards.”

International Wahl Educator Garland “G-Whiz” Fox (
@thisisgwhizwahlclippers) says “We outdid ourselves on this one. It looks nice, slick and sleek. It just sticks out.”

The Cordless Legend should be considered a go-to for hot looks from Euro cuts to modern bob-lengths and cropped styles. But its versatility makes it capable of so much more.

“For me, it’s the blade slide and the lever. I can cut closer than normal and this allows for a more creative range in lengths,” Fox says. “This is ideal for soft-line fading, seamless blends and clipper-over-comb. I think cosmetologists will really enjoy using this.”

True to Wahl’s commitment to quality, the Cordless Legend is built to provide years of use.

“This is a premium tool. It can last a lifetime with proper maintenance,” says Ramos.

While the Cordless Legend can reduce the amount of needed tools, it works best in tandem with a select few to elevate the end look.

“I like using this with the
Detailer Li and its high-precision T-Blade. It works well for really detail-oriented designs,” says Ramos.

To round out their growing line of cordless products, Wahl also offers a
Cordless Clipper Charge Stand.

“It’s a godsend,” says Fox. “You never have to worry about how long your battery will last. Your station is cleaner. And the Cordless Legend just looks good sitting there.”

The Cordless Legend is now available for purchase on Wahl’s website

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