4 Reasons to Grab Wahl Clini Clip and Clipper Oil

Maintenance is key to keeping your Wahl tools running efficiently and keep your clients safe and protected. Below are 4 reasons why you should grab Wahl Clini Clip and Clipper Oil today!

1. Wahl Clini Clip disinfects any clipper or trimmer blade in just two minutes, quicker than any other blade disinfectant on the market (5 times faster than the lead competitor!). 

2. Wahl Clini Clip keeps your clients safe and your blades protected. Clini Clip is EPA registered and protects against major diseases such as (but not limited to) Covid-19, SARS, HIV, etc...

3. Wahl Clipper Oil reduces blade friction, heat, and the likelihood of your blades becoming dull.

4. Frequent oiling helps prolong blade life and provides a consistent cut.

* Note: Clipper Oil must be applied after using Clini Clip in order to prevent rusting.


Watch the video below from Wahl educator Nieves Almaraz on how to properly apply Wahl Clini Clip and Clipper Oil!

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